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Data Processing

Data Science & Machine Learning

Driven by a growing interest in the tools and techniques used to tackle complex real estate appraisals, I sought to expand my knowledge in mathematics and cutting-edge data analysis methods. Discovering the MIT IDSS bootcamp, I eagerly embraced the opportunity to learn from exceptional staff and resources, rapidly advancing my skills in the field. While the applications of data science are vast and mastery is an ongoing pursuit, the program has transformed what once seemed overwhelming into a clear and achievable roadmap for success, now it's pedal to the metal. 


Bootcamp '22-'23

- Python

- Deep Learning

- Neural Networks

- Machine Learning

- Recommendation


- Predictive Analytics

As an aspiring data scientist, I am thrilled to harness the power of Python and my newly acquired skills to analyze data and tackle complex problems. I am eager to explore the endless possibilities that data-driven insights offer and make a meaningful impact by providing innovative solutions to real-world challenges. Three Course Project's and 50+ case studies completed so far, see below for more information. 

Netflix Movie Recommendations

The objective of this project was to build a recommendation system to recommend movies to users based on the ratings given to different movies by the users.
Skills & Tools Covered
  • Collaborative filtering

  • Matrix factorization

  • Recommendation systems


Hotel Booking & Cancellation Predictions

Image by Francesca Saraco

Course: Classification and Hypothesis Testing

The objective of the project was to analyze the data provided to find which factors have a high influence on booking cancellations, build a predictive model that can predict which booking is going to be cancelled in advance, and help in formulating profitable policies for cancellations and refunds.

Skills & Tools Covered
  • Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Classification

  • Logistic Regression

  • Support vector Machines

  • Decision Trees

  • Random Forest

Pima Indians Diabetes Analysis

Course: Foundations of Data Science

The objective was to analyze different aspects of Diabetes in the Pima Indians tribe.

Skills & Tools Covered
  • Descriptive Statistics

  • Data Visualization

  • EDA - Exploratory data analysis.

Image by Matt C
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