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Indeed ASSESSMents

Team Leader

From 2012 to present, I have recruited 10 part time employees and seasonal interns, as well as managed freelance and third party relationships. Training the team on in-house equipment, SEO, sales and graphic design.  With strong communication skills, laying out clear objectives, and maintaining a fun loving and positive work environment. 


Good business is good bookkeeping. Making the best possible decisions from accurate information. Keeping track of all banking, ARAP, e-commerce and wholesale spreadsheets. As well as maintaining strong business credit. With a knack for MS Excel and building pricing sheets to maintain profit margin goals. 

Critical Thinking

I've always felt the true title of a small business owner should be "Problem Solver". With issues constantly arising under tight deadlines, and the brands reputation on the line.  I've built a strong ability to quickly overcome unique obstacles on a regular bases. 

Critical Thinking.gif
Computer Software

I wear a lot of hats, managing banking, bookkeeping, pricing, taxes, spreadsheets, graphic design, video editing and an archive of branding guidelines. My variety of equipment and software requires I stay current on both Microsoft and Mac OS. 

Graphic Designer Desk
Sewing Machines

Due to limitations of screen printing, very early on I decided I liked the touch and feel aspects of sewn appliqués. I'm self taught and have thousands of hours behind several different sewing machines and overlock machines. 

Sewing GIF-downsized_large.gif

With Melco Embroidery Equipment in-house. I have built a strong understanding of embroidery techniques, threads, different hooping systems, digitizing, backing and fabric structures and weights. 

Printing Machines

Constantly looking for new 

techniques to stay on the cutting edge of garment printing. I have kept up to date on Screen Printing, Direct to Garment, Heat Transfers, and Vinyl. Along with dryers and heat presses. All while adhering to strict brand color guidelines. 

Co2 Laser

Lasers were very exciting when they became affordable to the prosumer market. I originally purchased a laser to speed up the cut and sew process. But its full potential was discovered and now it touches a wide variety of my products. With capabilities of rasterizing and vector cutting. It takes a broad knowledge of fabrics, leather & wood to manage the lasers safety standards. 

Laser GIF-downsized_large.gif
Final Products

While each piece of equipment is capable of making stunning products. I enjoy mixing and matching techniques to create unique elements of touch and feel. There is often a lot of testing materials and fine tuning which leads to long hours. But it's all worth it when customers start to notice the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship put in to the final product.

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