Colorado Licensed Residential Real Estate Appraiser

After getting a taste of the real estate market with a rental property and personal home, I started to envision a future career in Real Estate. Having several friends and connections in various rolls of Agents, Builders, Loan Officers and Investors. I came to the conclusion that an Appraiser roll would be a good fit for my interests and skills. I began to pursue the qualifying education and a trainee program. In the summer of 2020 I started to shift my energy and focus to this new career path, while continuing to run my apparel business. I have been fortunate to find a mentorship and great team to help build my knowledge and gain experience. 

After a year as a full time Real Estate Analyst for Opteon, USA (formerly Valucentric, LLC) I was proud to obtain my first state certification as a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser. With an end goal of continuing my education and experience toward a career as a Certified General Appraiser working in commercial real estate.