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Logan Katzer

Small Business Founder


As a recent graduate of MIT IDDS's data science and machine learning bootcamp, I am eager to apply my new skills in a dynamic, challenging environment. With a strong foundation in data analysis, visualization, and predictive modeling, I am dedicated to providing data-driven insights and solutions that drive business growth and innovation.

My passion for analyzing the ever-evolving real estate market and generating supplemental income through rental properties led me to pursue a full-time career as a Real Estate Appraiser. Swiftly mastering appraisal best practices, I obtained my License & Certification, drawing on my 13 years of experience as a small business owner collaborating with major Colorado brands and local establishments. I excel in fostering lasting relationships and delivering competitive results with tenacity and creativity.

Enneagram: Type 3​

Personality Type: ENFJ-A (Protagonist)

Role - Diplomat | Strategy - People Mastery 

Protagonists are natural-born leaders, full of passion and charisma. They are intelligent, warm, idealistic, charismatic, creative, social... With this wind at their backs, Protagonists are able to thrive in many diverse roles, at any level of seniority. Reaching out and inspiring others to achieve and to do good in the world.

Extraverted - 58%

Intuitive -  66%

Feeling - 63%

Judging - 77%

Assertive - 78%

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Golden, CO 80401

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